Why are we paying Management Fee's ?


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Why are we paying management fee's ?
How do we sack the management company ? I live in hasting but I own a house in Bremore yet in Hasting we don't pay a management fee. They are more or less the same size yet fingal take care of all the maintenance and the grass in hasting. Why can't we get Fingal to look after Bremore and sack the management Company. I don't know too much about management companies and how they operate but from what I've seen in Bremore they are doing a **** job of looking after the place. Damaged Signs, Bin all over the place, Bathtubs lying on the street too name a few things. Does any know if it's possible to replace the management company with Fingal County Council ?


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Hi there , I am with you on this , I guess the rest are just sleeping people who dont really care or are tenants living in. Its totally a scam and ridiculous charge ... we should not pay and do something about it.


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Fingal co co will only take over the estate 6 months after it has been completed, since the roads still have to be finished and some units still unfinished they will not be taking over. I have been waiting since last summer for the management company to come out with the exterminator for the cockroaches, not getting a cent out of me this time round, f*$k them