Whitehall Framework Plan


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I have just signed up here but am an active member of the Ellenfield Residents Association. We have been following closely the development of the Whitehall Framework Plan which will form the basis for the development of the old Nun's field site (i.e. where the port tunnel works were). A plan was agreed by local area councillors last week and it will go to full council on the 6th of Oct.

Basically the plan will allow for

1. The development of at least 600 appartments in heights from 4-8 stories.
2. The development of a GAA pitch for Whitehall CC and a club house which will move from their current location on Collins Ave.
3. the development of some community facilities which may include a library, playgrounds etc.

If you did not know about this plan it would be worth finding out as it will effect traffic and services in the D9 area.

There is a plan to also build on the Whitehall car park. This was taken out of the plan but will go to public consultation shortly. If you use this facility for park and ride or indeed to access Ellenfield Car park you might want to keep abreast of developments.

we have developed a website to try and inform people of these developments. see http://www.whitehallresidents.org/