What's up with the rules?


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Hi all,
The caretaker has today arrived at my house requesting that I remove a carefully tidied bin from outside my door - that has been there for more than a year.
I appreciate enormously the efforts going through the community in terms of making this place much more livable, however there are times where the rules do sound prison like, rather than made to effectively allow people to live comfortably without being upset by others or indeed upsetting others.
Is this forum being updated with the latest meetings? I haven't seen any posts on that regard.
Have the rules being changed? if so, I have not seen any written communication.
can please anybody let me know?



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In fairness to our caretaker Tony, he is trying his best to uphold the cleanliness of the development. Bins are meant to be put into the green bins provided around the development not outside your hall door.... saying that you have it outside for more than a year is certainly not making an effort on your bahalf. Think its about time YOU put the bin where it belongs..... in the bin! If everyone left their bins outside their front door, do you honestly think it would make an improvement? I think not. Its about time you put in your own '2 cents' into the development so bloody stop moaning and bring out your bin.

If you are genuinely interested in the contents of the meetings, then go to them instead of expecting someone else update you. Besides you might gain some knowledge about how to improve the area and perhaps lend a hand. The residents committee work hard in every regard. Sitting back and 'letting someone else do the work' doesnt help. If everyone had this attitude the committee would be dead and buried along time ago. Support helps.