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Hello everyone,
I set up this forum for anyone living/soon to be living in the Ard Sionnach development in Shanakiel, Cork.
Feel free to discuss issues such as parking, traffic problems, street lighting, security, waste disposal, landscaping, structural problems, sound pollution anti-social behaviour etc.
Guy Incognito.


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Hi Guy

Its good of you to offer this service. I am in the process of buying a mid terraced place (2bed) at The Mews,Ard Sionnach.

I was just wondering how you find the sound proofing. The walls between the houses are not solid, (I cant think of the term they used now) so I was wondering what the noise levels were like from the houses next to you.

The houses look nice, the living room area is'nt the biggest, but you cant have everything,the location is good and the area seems nice

How are you getting on?




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Hi Guy/Pat,

We have just been told that we will can buy one of the houses in Shanakiel. We have not yet been told if it is in Beech Tree or Ard Sionnach. We have been searching the net looking for photo's of either estate and the house plans and cannot find any, do either of ye know where we can get our hands on them?


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Re: House Plans

Hi Emma

The houses are built by Fleming Construction based in Bandon. I phoned them and enquired about a viewing.I was given the site office number and was told to speak to Noel, and then arranged a viewing with him...Flemings should be able to help you...

Let me know how you get on,