Welcome to the St. Edmunds Forum, Palmerstown

This forum www.neighbours.ie/stedmunds has been set up for all St.Edmunds Residents in Palmerstown Dublin 20.

Please sign up or log in above to post messages and reply, its free, it takes 60 seconds and its a great way share information with your neighbours. Your email address is confidential and is not disclosed to anyone.

What happens on Neighbours.ie...
We post messages, discuss, praise, ask, solve, fix, find out, share ideas, network, complain, vote, help and sometimes even meet up.
We also find answers, let off steam, tackle issues together, share opinions, post news, management fees, lost & found, Utilities,TV services, noise, heating, plumbing issues, satellite dish’s, broadband services, green areas and park, noisy neighbours, window cleaning, alarms, parking, bus services, planning applications, recycling, waste disposal, door and window issues, amenities, issues relating to your home, neighbourhood watch, crime, security, vandalism, traffic & speeding, Car pooling, energy saving, announcements & events, swap, share, sell or give away our stuff, review local services and much more...

and why?
because information is powerful when it’s shared with everyone, it helps improve where we live and helps develop a strong sense of community.

Enjoy the forum and if you need any assistance at any stage be sure to visit the FAQs or contact us.

Good examples of developments include

We have created an a4 invite for St Edmunds.
St. Edmunds A4 invite download (PDF Less than 1mb)
We would be grateful if you could print it out, post up in the common areas of the development or pop a copy into your fellow neigbours letter box.

Email invites
You can send an invite directly from neighbours Email Invite

We appreciate your help.

The Neighbours Team


New Member

Great to see St Ed's included in this version of neighbours.ie. Was an active member in the Adamstown forum when I was renting there waiting on my own place here to be finished.
Hi Minnie~dip, Great to have you back,
our new designs will complete in two weeks - the invites in the bottom right need to be updated and new forum homes.
Any ideas on how we can improve - please let us know.


New Member
Its looking good I must say, now all we need is the neighbours the hear about it :) its a relatively new development here so I hope this takes off.
I found the experience with Adamstown good and the vast amount of knowledge, experience and general banter from the community was priceless.

Wish you all the best of luck with this, I think its a fantastic forum, tool and social outlet for communities.


New Member
I hope to find some good information and i also wanted to thank you for a good meeting yesterday.