Welcome to St. Samsons residents forum on Neighbours.ie

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Welcome to St. Samsons residents forum on Neighbours.ie

The forum has been set up for all residents of St. Samsons, Balgriffin, Dublin 13.
The link to the forum is www.neighbours.ie/stsamsons

What happens on Neighbours.ie...
We post messages, discuss, praise, ask, solve, fix, find out, share ideas, network, complain, vote, help and sometimes even meet up.
We also find answers, let off steam, share opinions, post news, management fees, lost & found, tackle issues together, utilities, TV services, heating, plumbing, broadband services, noisy neighbours, parking, bus services, planning applications, amenities, issues relating to your home, neighbourhood watch, crime, security, vandalism, car pooling, taxi sharing, energy saving, announcements & events, swap, share, sell or give away your stuff, review local services and much more...

and why?
because information is powerful when it’s shared with everyone, it helps improve where we live and helps develop a strong sense of community.

"Sign up" for Free
Please sign up or log in above to post messages, its free, it takes 60 seconds and its a great way share information and to help each other out.

Some good examples of neighbours.ie forums and how they work:
Castle Curragh, Hampton Wood, Royal Canal Park

Help us spread the word...
A simple way of helping your community is to invite your friends and neighbours - invites here. We appreciate your help.

Help, FAQs & Contact
If you need any assistance at any stage be sure to visit the FAQs or contact us.
To view the new features of the forum please click here

We hope you enjoy the forums, drop in anytime and enjoy your stay,
many thanks,

The Neighbours Team

PS - If you were a member on the old neighbours.ie site please....

Update "My Neighbourhood"
Please change your settings for "My Neighbourhood" here on the new platform. This will activate your "My Neighbourhood" link (located top right). When your logged in - clicking "My Neighbourhood" will take you directly to your local forum.

Check your username
If you were a member on the old platform with a common username like - "John" this may now be changed to "dublin13_John" - If you want to us to change it to a new username please contact us here.
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