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Please join in and post, its free and its a great way share information with your neighbours.

- issues that effect you in the Neighbourhood
- ideas to improve the Neighbourhood
- questions and answers

- news or events happening in the area

- If you want to sell your TV, Car, bicycle, couch etc
- If you want to swap or barter goods and services
- If you want to give away items no longer of use

- List of local services
- List of local Businesses

So what to people talk about on Neighbours?
Members talk everything thats related to your home, development, locality. We discuss, complain, praise, ask, solve, find out, fix, ideas, network, help and sometimes even meet up.

Topics incl: management fees, lost & found, Utilities,TV service, Heating, Plumbing issues, broadband service, noisy neighbours, parking, bus services, planning applications, amenities, issues relating to your home, neighbourhood watch, vandalism, Car pooling, energy saving and anything that might be useful to other neighbours in the area.

Because once discussed the information becomes useful to other neighbours having similar issues.

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