Weavers Hall, Levmoss, The Gallops.


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I was sold a brand new property and was told it was a private block.

The block connected to me sharing my balcony have so many people living there and now I realise that so many who have bought apartments have now sold as it really has turned into a council estate.

I have had noise 24/7, the Gardai have been called out 3 times since I have moved here because of these people.

Football is played in a private parking lot damaging cars and when you ask residents from abroad to keep the noise down they pretend they don't speak English.

I need to know has anyone in this area had problems as I am about to put my apartment back on the market. I just cannot get a break from their noise and am now suffering migraines and stress.

For the amount of cash I forked out, I am furious!!!