Water Pump - Help !!

After the initial plumber's visit, the pump went again. He called out for free and did a bit of work, but advised that if it kept malfunctioning a new pump would probably be required. After a few weeks of the pump only working on and off, I bit the bullet and got a new one. €700 for the pump, plus around €140 for the labour. But at least I can use the washing machine and the tumble dryer again!

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Finally got my pump fixed – luckily it did not need replacing (for now…) and like other posters here, it was just the PCB to be fixed.

The guy said that while the pumps are usually sound, the PCB originally fitted to the pump can have problems trying to cope with washing machines in addition to all the other jobs it has to do. He fitted a PCB circuit that can cope with heavier demands.

I used the Shower Doctors, who are based in ParkWest. I found them prompt and reliable (by that I mean the plumber turned up when they said he would). I'd use them again.


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I fixed my pump today after several month's of intermittent issues. I replaced the PCB board last week, but it was actually the capacitor causing the issues (pump stops randomly, sometimes accompanied by a buzzing noise). The capacitor can be purchased from Modern Plant for EUR40. The PCB was very tricky to replace, but the capacitor was a 5 minute job. Happy I saved myself the EUR120 call out fee.


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My pump also went on the blink last weekend...i called the shower doctors based in parkwest...€120 call out charge and €55 for replacement pcb board.
The plumber said that under no circumstances should anyone try and tell you to replace your pump as they should last 20 years or so.
He did mention that the reason it was under a lot of pressure is because the washing machine runs off the pump, whereas it should run off the mains.
Was happy with the service and would recommend them.


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Hi there
Im jason, living in the academy 10yrs now but have a lot of plumbing problems like yourself. Could you possibly recommend a cheap but good plumber who is familiar with parkwest plumbing. Id be so greatful if u could help me. Many thanks.
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