Water gone again tonight - any ideas?


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Is anyone's water gone again tonight? I live in Hannah Square and the water cold tap in kitchen and bathrooms is gone! Is it a council or management company issue, 2 weeks ago when it happened I rang SDCC but they said it wasnt them, eventually someone from management company came out and fixed it but it looks like its happened again! :(:rolleyes:


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Never notice my water being affect the other night, however, since the incident a few weeks ago I've noticed that the mains water pressure in my kitchen tap is not as strong. I'm wondering if it's anything to do with the new HSE secure unit across the road, which has just completed and is probably now hooked up to mains. Did management company offer any explanation as to the cause of your water problems?


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There is a problem with the pumps in the basement.
The first time the water went, it was the SDCC that sorted it, last week it was a plumber who called to the site at about 10pm - he couldn't fix the problem on his own as he needed the assistance of an electrician as well as some extra parts.

According to John, they have done a temporary fix, but a bigger job will be required. He is hoping that the job won't require the water to be switched off, but if it is, he will inform all residents in good time.