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I was wondering whether anybody has got around to replacing the filter connected to the fridge. We haven't done anything about changing the filter since we moved in, 18 months on just wondering whether we should change it, does anyone know whether they need changing and if so where do you get the replacement cartridges?



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How often do you need to change filters?

How often do you need to change filters?

I have not changed them since i moved :eek:


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On the flidge display theres an icon "change filter" so when its lit its time for it to be changed I'm not sure how often it lights up


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Water filter
I have never changed the water filter in the fridge and wondered what type of filter i need...anyone know?
Also I have no instructions as to how to change...any ideas...much appreciated


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Hi all,

After putting it off for about 3 odd years and the water coming out of our fridge getting more and more sediment, we decided the mains water filter needed changing.
After a lot of searching I found a website that stocks the mains water filters for the LG American style fridge which we all have in Olcovar.


We bought one & it came in about 4 working days.

They are exact replica's of the one we have under the sink. (I'm sure you can get alternatives to fit just fine but we weren't sure!)

Quick guide to installation:
Turn off the water supply
Take off small red clips
Push in blue cylinder bit and hold in while pulling out the tube
Do same on other end
Fit the new filter by pushing the tube in as far as it goes on each end and inserting red clips between the blue cylinder bit and the filter.
Turn back on the water supply & check you don't have any leaks.
Run the water through the fridge for a good 3 minutes until it goes clear (about a washing up bowl worth of water).

We never noticed over time but the water pressure had dropped quite a bit, whereas now the water flow is much faster through the fridge!

Hope that helps! :)