Warning - Serial Rapist


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As a result of a text campaign going around the village this afternoon, it has come to my attention that a serial rapist (who should still be locked up and who has been making a lot of headlines these days) is living in Shankill Village (over Tescos). Obviously this information needs to be verified (perhaps by the Gardai) but I just wanted to pass it on so that women in particular should be vigilant and mindful of who we have in our midst. Take care and be safe.


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Anyone have any more info on this? The last thing I heard he was living in Ballinasloe, however this might explain the increase presence of Gardai in the village.


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Hi, cheers for the heads up-The gaurds have been there for about 4 months now around the village- I heard different reasons. But your info does make sense. It was on the news this week-think ya man used to live in Sallynoggin. Heard hes around the bray seafront a good bit aswell. He was giving out this week that his pics are in the papers etc. But the judge told him this was allowed!


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Hi All,

This is confirmed now (Garda source). He is living in the apartments above Spar in Rathsallagh.

Please advise everyone you know to be vigilant and stay safe at all times.

(Send the link on so women have a picture of this man.



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He was convicted of exposing himself to a 3 yr old and is then housed beside a primary school. How is that even allowed? Madness.


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Only heard about this yesterday!! Must have had my head in the clouds!!

But is this guy still believed to be in Shankill????


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unfortunatly "yes"

im from shankill originally so i know most of the people in the area and the word is that he was still living in shankill, he was supposed to be over tesco`s in the village but then we heard he was living over the spar in rathsallagh. we wanted to hold a protest and march to his door but the gardai would neither confirm or deny if he was in shankill .