Verges on Jamestown Road

Dear Residents,

I refer to recent contacts with members of this board regarding the general upkeep of the area.

Two items were recently brought to my attention regarding Jamestown Road - The condition of the roadside verges, and the practice of a local Garage that was displaying Cars (With 'for sale' signs) up on the verges just before the Roundabout.

I have attached a response received from Dublin City Council (Who have responsibility for maintaining this stretch of road) following my representations on behalf of local residents.

I note that the City Council Parks Department have recently taken over responsibility for maintenance of the grass verges along this section of road which the will regularly maintain. Hopefully, this will lead to an improvement of the general appearance of this road.

I also note that the Garage Owner responsible for parking Cars up on the verges was warned that such practice is prohibited under the road traffic Act, and has now agreed to desist.

I am glad that this matter seems to have been resolved, but it is only through vigilance and communication that we can ensure ore respective areas are properly maintained. Therefore, I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank anyone who took the time to contact me about this issue.

If I can ever assist in any other local, national or personal matter, then please do not hesitate to contact me. You can either PM me on this forum, or contact my office on 01 6040503/6782103.

Looking forward to hearing from you,



New Member
Five years later and the verges are still not cut! Weeds growing on the footpaths. We seem to be the only area around that never gets its verges cut.