Verdemont Arsonists


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As some of you may be aware the binstore next to the caretakers office was burnt down on the 6/10/09 and 15/12/09. We residents will have to pay for the cost of replacing all the bins and the electronic door and repairing any damage done etc.

Worryingly the same small group of individuals who burnt the binstore down in October also burnt it down in December despite the potential lethal consequence of their actions; I watched flames and embers floating onto the cars parked outside and the appartments across from the Binstore as I phoned the Fire Brigade on the first instance.

The burning down of Verdemont property was not a one off prank gone wrong; in addition to their run of the mill anti-social behaviour these individuals now have a taste for arson and are getting away with it.

What will they burn next?

The arsonists are known; the Gardai and Heatherford Property management have been made aware of their identity and the fact that 2 live in Verdemont and another 2 in Westend. Whilst the Gardai seem to be drragging their heels in even investigating the case, Heatherford who do not have to operate under such strict procedures have taken no action whatsoever.

Despite the urgency with which they will send out threatening letters to property owners regarding the prompt payment of annual fees and general rules, Heatherford have done nothing to conatct the parents of the individuals living in Verdemont or their landlords regarding even the threat of action over their behaviour or the prospect of being billed for the damage they caused.

I feel certain that even the prospect of having to pay for the damage they've caused will see the departure of the arsonists from our community.

Meanwhile the rest of us can look forward to Heatherford taking a strong stance against the rest of us with an even higher annual bill in these recessionary times thanks to the actions of 2 Verdemont residents and their 2 Westend pals.

If you feel strongly about this please contact your local represenatives to voice your concern or anger over the lack of action by Heatherford and seemingly the Gardai about these arsonists in our midst.

Better yet phone Heatherford's Jim O'Connor 8300154 and ask him what he intends to do before looking for payment from the rest of us for the arsonists actions!

LOCAL NUMBERS to phone to put pressure on the Gardai and Heatherford to ensure that the arsonists pay for their damage and to hopefully remove the danger they pose from Verdemont:

Leo Varadkar TD: 618 3819 or 640 3133.

Joan Burton TD: 618 4006.

Cllr. Peggy Hamill: 087 993 0009.

Cllr. Eithne Loftus: 087 622 3419.

Cllr. Matt Waine: 087 668 4616.



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has anything happened in relation to this as see there is a number of teenagers constantly hang around the area that are underage drinking and smoking