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Did anyone notice a group of teenagers (about 8 or 9 of them) that came into St Edmunds yesterday evening, they walked across the green area and disappeared around the back of Hannah Square? I don't know where they finally ended up - unless they have some way of getting into the site/half built apartments?

However, on their way back out across the green area I noticed several of them kicking one of the lights near the water feature. This morning I noticed that one of the lights outside my block has been knocked over and another light further down the pavement has also been damaged.

How come the security guard didn't stop them coming in (what time does he come on duty?). I've spotted older kids and teenagers vandalising the water feature previously.


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I noticed the damage coming in the other night alright - but this morning seems to have been fixed.
As for the security guy - I haven't seen one on the estate in months, and I'd often be coming in from college at 10/11 at night....

Do we still have security?