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We are currently having problems in the Castlegrange Drive area with groups of teenagers coming through the park and throwing stones at houses. There is only a make-shift fence up at the moment so it gives them plenty opportunity to target houses in this cul-de-sac. They also threw a brick on sat night and ended up smashing my car windscreen so it is getting progressively worse in the area. I have contacted the guards and they have advised to ring them straight away if any futher occurrences happen and I am trying to see if they can patrol the area so be extra vigilent.


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I totally agree with you... No fence on your side and I wonder why?

As well there is no proper fence from park side and I see nearly everyday kids destroying things, putting things on fire. IT'S HAZARD FOR ALL OF US!

Last Sunday even saw 3 men with a dog and this dog was chasing poor rabbits. One guy had dead black rabbit (the cute one) in his hand and beer in another hand. They come and go and go when they want... Security can't do anything!

I wonder when builders going to clean up all the mess from park side? So much rubbish there!:confused:


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Management Company

guys we should all do something about this. the management company are blaming the builders for not clearing up. The company is not entitled to apply charges if the site is not complete.By the look of things it seems so with the huge equipment sitting right in the middle of Castlegrange:mad:.


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I have contacted the HSE regarding health hazards such as Rats / Rabbits etc... in the area (Coming from builders yard) to see what can be done. The rubbish poses a real fire hazzard to all households in Castlegrange Drive and needs to be removed?
A wall is needed on the drive however there is no planning permission for the wall according to Fisher. If the managemnt company won't organise this, then we should as a community see what we can organise regarding planning permission / cost / implementation.


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I completely agree with Johnf in relation to the wall. I have queried this with the management company this morning and received the following reply: "We have had a number of residents enquire about this in recent weeks. We confirm that having discussed the matter with the builder they have indicated that there was a never an intention to erect a wall and there is none shown on the plans. We confirm that they have indicated that there is no planning permission in this regard. The temporary fencing is there for the duration of the building works."
This is obviosuly not acceptable. A wall must be put up no matter what. Pressure should first be put on the management company and builders but, failing that, I think we should consider what we could feasibly organise ourselves.