Urinating in Public


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If you come into Verdemont to visit, I presume the person you are visiting has a working TOILET in their property???......if so, then bloody use it!!!!!!!!!

What is your problem with urinating in the bushes in the car park areas in full view of resident's windows? Do you know that children play ball in the area, do you know this behavior causes rats etc? Do you know anything about hygiene?

Do you all have kidney infections or are you just lazy folk who are happy to sit around and are happy to annoy other residents with your acts, because I cant understand why you all chose to expose yourselves in public and proceed to disease our neighborhood with your infectious excrement.

Grow up and have a little respect


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Have seen again a teenager doing it right where we park - against the bushes and against Snugborough Road... disgusting!

If I get to see him with somebody that could look like his parents I will definitely walk up and shame him - pure horrendous behaviour