Upkeep of estate


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Hi All

Don`t know if anybody looks at this site anymore,but I`ll enter this post anyway.

As you guys may know,its impossible to get hold of the builder.
The grass isn`t been cut anymore and the street lights that are broken have not been fixed.According to the landscape company they won`t be cutting the grass anymore as they are owed money from the builder.With the time of year that it is,in a short space of time the estate is going to look very untidy.

With this in mind my neighbour has been in touch with Kildare Co Co to see when they are taking charge of the estate.He expects to hear back in the next couple of days.As most of you will be aware,Co Co`s don`t have the money to take over any new estates so depending on what we here back we may need our fellow neighbours to put pressure on the Council to get them to take over the estate.

From what we can gather the builder has paid a bond (a sort of security deposit) to Kildare Co Co and this means that if he goes bang or doesn`t finish the estate that the Council has funds in place to take over the estate.

Anyway,I`ll keep you guys updated when we hear more (thats assuming that anyone reads this:) )