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Hi All,

Just an update as per spongebobs request re the last residents meeting which took place on Monday July 20th.

Firstly, the turnout for the meeting was poor with only seven houses aside from the committees represented. The following are the minutes of the meeting and items discussed.

Councillor Fiona O Loughlin was at the meeting and confirmed that KCC DO NOT cut grass in any estate in Kildare. This is the sole responsibility of the residents. She will be distributing a letter to all houses confirming this in the coming days.

To have the estate taken in charge there are a number of conditions that need to be met, the main one being that this can only happen if the builder requests this. KCC feel that our estate could be taken in charge fairly quickly. To be clear, if it is taken in charge then KCC are responsible for the water, lighting and roads only. NOT the landscaping. Fiona is going to write to the builder asking him to repair the faulty lighting and to seek clarification on where exactly the lights and water pumping station for the river are being run from. She will also inform him that the residents have requested that he consider letting KCC take the estate in charge.

On the issue of grass cutting and contributions. We have requested and paid for three cuts. We completed two collections in the last week however contributions are significantly down with a number of residents not at home/not answering. Also, the number of refusals has now risen to three. Contributions are down approx 30% on the first collection. At present we have enough money left for one full cut of the grass with approx five further cuts being required. If further contributions are not received the only option is for the committee to be disbanded and no further action taken by the committee on behalf of the residents. Obviously this will result in the grass going back to the original state it was in when this action commenced. Its fairly obvious to state that should this happen then the common areas will become rodent infested and therefore a health hazard to both children and animals. Given the fact that there are several residents with children and animals in the estate I fail to understand how some residents are happy to allow this to happen to their living space. I also cannot understand how people can pay so much money for their houses and turn a blind eye to what goes on outside the front door!

A letter has been dropped to explain this situation to all outstanding contributors so hopefully the above scenario will not happen and we can continue to maintain the estate to the condition its in at present.

There were concerns raised in terms of health and safety in relation to the equipment the landscaper is using currently and this is being addressed with the landscaper by the chairman.

At this point we can only hope enough contributions will be received to allow us to maintain the landscaping. Only time will tell!



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thanks for the update

thanks for the update, sorry about missing the meeting, looks like an interesting little bar. i hope things will improve, hate to see the grass revert. thanks for the hard work..