Upcoming AGM: Committee Members


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By now, I'm sure all residents/Landlords have received the AGM notification for 13th September.
I am an owner occupier since 2011 and have gone to most meetings since then. From memory, the committee members are the same in that timeframe. I understand the committee members resign and are re-elected but is that indefinite? Can other residents be on the Committee?
Due to other commitments, I don't have an interest to serve on the Gasworks residents committee but late 2016/early 2017, some residents in our block were experiencing an issue and contacted RFPM. Due to a lack of response from RFPM, I wrote to all of the committee members. Similar to RFPM, there was no response.
I understand it's a voluntary role rather than a vocation but felt they did not respond/react on the affected resident's behalf.
I'll address this query to RFPM but want to gauge feedback from the forum members, who perhaps are on the Committee.
Would welcome any feedback/guidance.
Thank you


Hi,not on the Committee call Niall in RFPM 888 1414.He is very helpful. It's the Board of Directors that are slow to move things along as far as I can tell. I have been onto RFPM for over a year now to put the plants back outside our windows to stop people walking on them!!and they are very slow to do anything about it! To be fair to RFPM they do a great job but we want the plants back please!Quiet peace and enjoyment etc.,