UPC not working in Hannah Square - any help would be great..


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Hi guys,

I just moved into Hannah Square over the weekend. Moved my UPC account over and they assured me that all I have to do was plug it in and it would work straight away. Obviously, being UPC, this didnt work, plugged it into that wall and nothing happened.

Rang them this morning and they said it probably wasnt turned on outside the apartment. They're sending someone out but not til Wednesday.

Just wondering if anyone else had similar problems and knew of anything I could do to fix it myself, flick some switch in the basement or something??

I know I'm probably clutching at straws here but any help would be appreciated!


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Quick update (in case anyone is reading)

So UPC came out today, told me that the UPC hasnt been brought into the apartment from outside yet. There is a double door in the hallway that they need access to in order to hook it up. Of course this door is locked.

Anyone know of anyone on site or management that would be able to give me access to this?


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If you're renting, contact your landlord - they will have to contact the management company.
If you own the place, contact John Cairns in the management company to see if they can organise to give UPC access.