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:confused: Hi all, i was just wondering if anyone could answer this question for me, why is our local chinese takeaway closed on a tuesday ?? not that id eat from there, id rather drive past it to get to Wheaton Hall, where you are guaranteed fresh and deliciously cooked food. I've never come across anything like this, Is there a centuries old law stating that asian food can't be bought or sold "ov a tuesday" in the sweet harmonious village of Duleek? I'm totally baffled by this! I'd love some feedback on this matter if anyone does know.
p.s. Chipper? Pizzaria? You have to be joking!! They need some good healthy competition.


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Howdy Boxatricks,

Hi There My Culinary Friend,the Reason Why The Chinese Is Closed On A Tuesday Night Is Because The Local Vetenarian Is Closed On This Day And Fresh Produce Cannot Be Guaranteed,there Has Been Many Reports Of Many People Looking For Their Cats An Dogs And After A Long Day Of Looking For Them,they Do Not Realise They Have Wolfed Them Down While Comfort Eating From The Local Chinese.

Now Before You All Go Nuts Sending Replies To This,im Just Joking.

Im Sure Its Just Our Chinese Friends Deserve A Rest,the Same As The Rest Of Us And Perhaps Sales Are Poorest On A Tuesday.i Used To Order Myself From Wheaton Hall But Cut The Apron Strings An Went Local.besides The Chips From Wheaton Hall Are Not The Best.

P.s. Roll On More Competition,badly Needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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culinary friend.

thanks for the reply, its the closest ive gotten to my asian investigation so far, and im a "blow-in" for almost 3 years now!! I never really eat chips from the chinese anyway, i mainly go to the chip shops for them, AGAIN i usually drive by the one in the village to pay for quality. Sorry "rocco" but its high time us "locals and blow-ins" alike are actually treated to quality quisine, and not just because its "there"!!! I have also noticed that the Indian takeaway/restaraunt "punjabi house" on the dublin road in "drawda" seems to be ok, but if you know of any better id be delighted for some information. many thanks.
p.s. the steaks at the snailbox on the N2 are pretty good, i really recommend it.


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i'm also sure that when the new retail development (which has been more or less given the green light at a recent local town meeting) goes ahead, there just HAS to something there that will be competition related to our so called takeaways.
thanks again.

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Boxatrixs & a Ruby Murry

There is a great Curry house just off the main st in Drogheda. It is oposite the Supervalue entrance. Its called Garam Masala. They dont deliver but happily take your phone orders. I used the one on the Dublin road, just opposite Scotch Hall, and thought it was awful. Garam Masala chips are not the best though, but this seems to be a nation wide problem.

I wasn't really happy with any take away food when I first "drifted in", but it kinda grows on ya. I am currently having a Kebab phase from the local chipper. Its between kebabs, curry and KFC.
Apache pizza will now deliver to Duleek, but will charge €5 for doing so. There are a **** load of vouchers in the Drogheda Leader this week that will get round this for you though. They have no expiry date on them either. I think there are at least 6 buy one get one free vouchers there.
I have not yet tried the Snail box but have heard great reviews. Daly's of Donore is good, but last time I was in the service was crap. There was only 10 in, in total, but the waitress just could not be arsed with us. Pity because I really liked the place until then. I was in for my Dad's 60th and thought I would treat him to something special. The waitress screwed that up for us though. Only for the fact that it was his birthday I did not complain. He had flown in from the UK as well.
The Steakhouse at the Bellewstown in is definately worth a visit. Steaks are fantastic, as is everything else. Service is great, prices are right and Paddy is good craic. They will even give you a free ride home to the commons at weekends.
There is a good steakhouse in Ratoath called Ryans. The steaks are huge. Seating is not the best, but food is great. Bit of a trek aswell.
The lemon tree in Drogheda is nice also. Handy if a night out is to follow. I think its Thia cuisine, but not sure. Very nice all the same.

Once the new centre opens i am sure it will contain a fast food outlet. Hopefully this will give the area some healthy competition.

Hope this helps you.


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it definitely did help!

thanks for your thread stephen, i actually didnt realise that apache delivered!! and ALL those vouchers too (yum-yum) lol. I'll definitely give bellewstown a try, i have been contemplating the idea of paying them a visit, every time i see the add on the front page of "the leader", i keep promising myself to go, and now i will. I have also been to Ryans a few times, and i agree with everything you say, it is a favourite alright. And as for "dalys" I'm so sorry that your Dad's night was ruined, its a damn shame, but your not on your own there, i found a few problems there myself; e.g the service, AND the food too. myself and my wife went there one evening, and the steaks which we ordered (t-bones) which arent cheap! it was like the middle ages, the taste of salt was truelly amazing, i thought it was a joke! and they still charged full price after i complained, not that I'm penny-pinching, but there is no shortage of steak-houses in the north-east! So once again, thanks for your reply, and I'll pass your info on too.
P.S. KFC: I think ive tried everything on the menu at this stage lol, roll on the retail outlet!!


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Hmmmmmm Food!

Howdy Food Lovers,tis I The Stig

I Dont Know If Anyone Has Mentioned This As Yet But Last October Before I Headed Off On My Business Trip,i Visited The Monasterboice Inn And Enjoyed A Beautiful Meal.the Waiting Times In This Bar/restaurant Can Be Long But Are Worthwhile.also The Woks Cooking Is Very Enjoyable,but As May Have Been Mentioned This Chinese Takeout Is In Wheaton Hall And Does Not Deliver But Is Truly Worth A Try.if Anyone Gives It A Go As I Have Done Please Let Me Know What You Think.

P.s. I Tried Raw Grubworms While Racing Through Africa Which Were Delightful But My Friend The Hamster Threw Up,cant Please Everyone But 30 Million Africans Cant Be Wrong.