Trees being felled on Rathmore Road

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Hi all, you may or may not have noticed the continued felling of semi mature trees all along the Rathmore Rd. I had foolishly assumed this was due to some kind of disease and that they would be replaced. However, today ALL of the trees along side the Forge estate were being felled. I contacted Fingal Co. co who told me these trees were being removed on health and safety grounds as they had been planted into 'unsuitable soil' with 'Builders rubble'. Why in the name of God was thousands of taxpayers money spent on planting trees into 'unsuitable soil'. It's costing to have these removed and there is apparently no plans to replace them. As a professional Horticulturist I can tell you it's fairly easy to identify soil that's unsuitable for the planting of trees. I'd also suggest trees are a vital part of urban planning - apart from their aesthetic value they reduce the effects of wind hurtling through our estate and absorb a huge amount of pollution from cars etc. Please can people contact Fingal Co. Co. to complain about this or directly contact Councillor Darragh Butler at - or indeed anyone else you fancy who might do something about this. Thanks.


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Ring Road was built by a company formed by the 3 Builders of the 3 big developments Chapel Farm, Dun Emer and Lusk Village as part of their Planning Permissions for each estate.
Was not built by FingalCoCo and as far as i know and can recall the trees were part of that build.
So FingalCoCo know who those responsible are so what they gonna do retrospectively, if anything at all 10 years on ?

We had noticed the huge amount along the ring road and counted them up and both sides of the road are having trees cut down and we thought it might have been to improve the lighting at night whilst walking the ring road as they are close together the street lights on the outer side are blocked - makes dodging dog poo hard and you spend your time looking at where your stepping whilst out for a walk which ruins the walk.

No sequence and bunches of them chopped together to the odd one here and there. The speed sign just past the Rush roundabout is on its side so maybe it fell victim due to same reason. Wouldn't want a tree growing too big being unstable and being blown over or falling onto the path or road at an inappropriate time.

Dig every one of the trees up and dig out the 'builders rubble in fill' then re constitute and re plant but in a much more deliberate manner taking into account street lighting and as you say wind breaks alongside houses. Less cluttered and bunched with different varieties would help the look also. Opportunity for a 'Community Improvement Scheme' and get locals both commercial and residential to sponsor a tree ?


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There's a thread about this on -
ok so they've removed the trees on the inside of the path to the roads due to some 'builders rubble' excuse
so when are they going to remove the trees on the outside of the path's !!! surely they too are in the 'builders rubble' also as trees were planted either side of the footpaths along the ring road.

same applies to every tree planted within the estate as we've already seen many fall down because the root ball bag was never removed when planted - some landscaper used then.

think it was done for other purposes as the ring road was covered in trees and apart from the maintenance requirements I think as they were getting bigger then more light would have been taken away leaving the footpaths darker at night.
think the ring road is more open and less clutterred for it especially when you look at the new crossing they are putting in for the secondary school.
reduced maintenance, improved visibility probably the real reasons


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According to the report, the inner line of trees is in ok soil, and so they are healthy.


Fingal Co Co are alleged to be checking out the cost of replacing some trees, In location where there are no outer lines (beside road). They may have to dig up the spoil rubble and replace with good growing soil. that is why the inner trees are growing well on good soil. the road looks better and brighter and the frost and ice will melt quicker.