Traffic Lights before Clipper Court


Moderator (Clifden Court)
Is it just me or does anyone else feel they are taking their life in their hands when they trying drive west! Getting out across the 4 lanes of traffic on the the quays always feels either like a suicide mission when the traffic is moving or sheer frustration when it's crawling and traffic clogs the yellow box!

The whole layout feels wrong - for instance the yellow box outside the croppy acre pub serves no purpose. It used to when the bridge had a traffic flow the other direction but not since although it was repainted only a couple of months ago.

At the very least I think there ought to be lights at the clipper court/musuem junction with wolfe tone quay.

Ideally there one way system at the west side of the building should be changed to allow us access the quays and cross over the river.

sigh - just my rant of the day....