The rats!!!

They were only a few for the last weeks but since I'm back from holidays, it appears that their tribe is back! Just yesterday, I've seen three near the first gate then another one running close to the front door and I don't even speak about the ones near the garbage area... Last night, the window open (my apartment have view on the court) I was able to hear their little screams!..!!
Can the Management take care of this situation asap?

Please reply to this post if you also want this problem to be solved asap.

thank you
totally agree

Hi Marie,
I totally agree with you. There are loooooads of rats everywhere in the courtyard .. the garden in front of the house.. the bins... This really needs to be dealt with!


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Christchurch View Move

Can anyone tell me if the rats situation has been sorted out. We are currently looking to move and took at a look at one of the apartments in the block. This type of thing is a major deterrent for us. Anything else we should know? We would really appreciate any information on anything else too.
Also it's a ground floor apartment so the rats thing is really freaking me out.

Are we making a good decision in moving here at all?

Thanks so much.
Hi this is just a suggestion if apartament owners want to sort the situation regarding the rats around the apartment block would it be an idea for the owners to meet somewhere (pub to start of with) to discuss the issues that are being raised on this forum. The management company may listen to group of concerned owners as apposed to one owner raising the issue with the management company.