The Grass !!


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Hi , I am just wondering if anyone knows what the situation is with the grass cutting in allendale. I dont know if the estate was taken over by the council yet.

I did alot of work last year trying to find out who was responsible for cutting our grass, and I nearly had a melt down.... nobody knew and after 4 months someone came to cut it when it was nearly 2 foot high.

I think that it is so important to have the estate maintained.


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Hi Guys,

We have been advised that the grass will be cut this week.

The resident assoc has met with councillor P.Nulty and the taking in charge of the estate is in process at the moment. A shortened snag list for the developer has been drawn up and upon completion the Council will take charge.

Please be advised that the Allendale Facebook page is the most upto date place for info on the estate.