Temporary Letting Agreement


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Cork Independent
Thursday, 18 October 2007

Residents living in Cork City Council’s Hollyhill Lane affordable housing scheme are seeking refunds of up to €3,000 in rent they have been paying to the Council.

Nineteen of the 28 houses in the scheme have been occupied by the owners but due to a bureaucratic hiccup they have had to pay rent of €100 a week to the council instead of paying their mortgages. When the owners moved in in March and April this years they were told they would have to pay the rent for a short period until the bureaucratic issues were sorted out, but now nearly six months later they are still paying the “temporary”.

Local councillor Mick Barry is to raise the issue at the next meeting of Cork City Council where he will be demanding a 100 per cent refund for the owners. Cllr Barry commented, “It isn’t acceptable that this situation has dragged on now for seven months. Some residents have paid out €3,000 now in rent money which they should have been using to start paying off their mortgages.

“These residents are not high income earners and I feel that they are being treated poorly by the Council. The Council should move to resolve the legal issues very quickly now; transfer ownership to the residents; refund all monies collected from the residents in rent and allow the new home-owners to put these monies towards starting to pay off their mortgages”.