Take Pride in where we live


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I get the impression that people on this site from Beechfield expect all others to fall in line with their opinions and do as they are told. Unfortunately, some of us take pride in where we live.
I believe that BERA have a very important role in what will happen in the estate, but it does not give them the right to undermine others who have got off their behinds and done something positive for their section of the estate. Fingal Co Co and/or Menolly will or will not do what BERA hopes of them, and a few people taking PRIDE in where they live will make no difference to that decision process.
In fact, what some people have failed to note, is that what has been done by a few can be used to point out to them (builder/Co Co) how bad some sections of the railings are when compared to the section which has been worked on by the local people (at their own expense and time with the help of a local businessman who also volunteered his team at his expense). These people have shown that we don't have to wait to be handed things, we can go and address some of these issues ourselves instead of waiting and waiting and waiting.
I say congrats to those who are "doing" and not just "talking" about making this a better place to live.
The tidy towns competition awards prizes annually to cities and towns who are clean. They also give prizes to streets who do the same. Should those people have waited around for their respective councils to clean up their streets and plant flowers and make their place the winner? Possibly. But did they? No!! They got up and did something for themselves because they are proud of where they live.
I, myself, am thankful of living somewhere that some people do not wait around to be handed something. I am thankful that some of us (and I wish I could have said it was me but I can't) are able to galvanise others to get organised and work together to make this an estate to be proud of.
I would hope that these people continue to inspire, and maybe even in the future of our estate, we too can win the cleanest, tidiest, prettiest estate in Ireland. I would stop sitting on my lazy behind to achieve that.
Please, stop moaning, work together, lets make it THE place to want to live..... TOGETHER!!!

Happy 2010 to all my neighbours!!!


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Listen we all take pride in where we live,thts not he point. The issue here is a refusal by Menolly/Fingal to prtovide a basic service. Not everyone has the money to splash u may have, we pay for basic maintenance in TAX/INCOME LEVY etc. A solo run by some who didnt bother to ask everyone else if they were willing to contribute is showing no sense of community its now an us and them scenario and no sense of neighbourliness!!:


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MUNSTER 1 were is ur community spirit all your posts are negative towards any one who gets up off there arse and do something to improve were they live im so glad you dont live in the view as we would get nothing done and would be still looking at the state of disrepair the railings were in get off your ass and take maters into ur own hands as menolly/fingal refused to do any thing with the railings BEFORE we took on this project YOU REALY SHOW UR neighbourleness by posting these ouotes


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Stop Whining Munster1

You say that people don't have the money to splash out on things that I might have? STOP PERSONALLY ATTACKING ME AND SHUT UP!!! I am a public service worker (one that you may need in your lifetime) and so is my wife, and we have been doubly hit by all the PRSI, Pension and Levy increases that you probably haven't (I say probably because unlike you I'm not out to make assumptions and attack you) so I know all about what I am paying for at the moment, and what I can't pay for (wonder if you are down OVER €500 per month in your household?)
Either way, GET A LIFE!!! The people on the view have done something positive for where they life and should be applauded instead of berated!!
Are you that small minded that you cannot see when people are doing something for the good of an area?
Are you that hard-hearted that you cannot wish someone well for doing something good in our estate?
I hope I never end up like you. God bless the people who have won "Tidy Towns" competitions for their roads... The never listened to the begrudgers!! More power to them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Either way, leave the people on the "View" alone, and leave me alone, unless you can find something CONSTRUCTIVE to say.
God bless ya Tommo, and the rest of ye on the View.
Wish there was more like ye.......