Sweetman House


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Hey PJ

i moved in a few weeks ago and have been working on my place since. happy to say i have not found any problems with cracks, nor did my snagger. most of the issues were cosmetic so i have no real complaints!

1 thing that did bug me was the poor levelling of the upstairs bedroom floor alright.

Good luck with everything! i'm pretty happy here!:)

Jersey Girl

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone knows the name of the paint colour the builders used in all the Sweetman House apartments???

Oh yea, just about the drain issue... Shortly after i moved in i had a bath but realised that the water wasn't draining away. it got worse and got the builders in to try to unblock it. it took them a while and eventually had to get a drain company in to fix it. When they got it cleared it they realied the drains were full of concrete. they had to take chunks out of my bathroom wall during the process, they've fixed the holes but haven't come back to paint yet. i've decided just to do it myself, hence why i need to know the colour.



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C'mon people,

I know the novelty of this forum has worn off a little, bit like Jersey Girl, I am also trying to find out what colour they used...and how watered down it was...


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hi just wondering if anyone can fill me in on myrtle square we've just put a deposit down on a 3 bedroom house there. Was wonder if this has been effected by the foundation problem we did ask and we were told it wasn't but reading though this forum makes me think it mat be. any information about the area will be much appreciated. I think its a really nice area and i really like the house so im hoping that its all positive but want to here what the people who are living there think. Thanks


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Hey Newbie8

Living in Myrtle close for nearly 2 years now, very happy here. Glad to report thats none of the houses in both Myrtle sq and close have been affected by pyrite issue.

Still awaiting the train station to open which is my only frustration with the place, but hopefully that will happen within the year (hopeful I know!!).

Hope info helps. BTW I found the house of very high quality, and surprisingly quite a lot of living space. Have had no real problems to date.


Just Moved In

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Hi all.....been reading through the site, I have just moved in to Sweetman House! Great to see that there is a lot of interest in the 'community' hope to see you all round soon!

Got a lot of good tips from reading through here, so thanks for that all of you!



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Reading these threads is like a blast to the past.

Almost 10 years since these house were bought, little did we know what was around the corner. Although some people snapped up bargains in Red Arches/Myrtle.

I myself paid 650K for a house worth around 500K atm.