Street feast


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jsut wondeirng would anyone else be intersted in organising a street feast on 28 aug. Think it would be a nice way to met some neighbours

Street Feast is all about helping to bridge communities. On Sunday the 28th of August we’re inviting people all over Ireland to host a local lunch with their neighbours. It’s about celebrating your street, area or community,” Sam Bishop, one of the co-founders, explains. “Each Street Feast is self-organised and can be as simple as a few families getting together, or as exciting as a full-blown street party. So far communities are planning Street Feasts in Dublin, Wicklow, Galway, Mayo, Cork and Tipperary.”

“Street Feast is about having more life on the streets. It’s an all-for-fun, not-for-profit, do-it-yourself celebration. It’s a perfect excuse to get to know the people who live near you,” continues Sam. “Last year’s Street Feasts encouraged thousands of people out onto their streets to share lunch with their neighbours. We’re hoping that this year even more people join together to organize a feast in their local area. There’s never been a better time to get to know the people around you. The benefits of investing in your community are endless.”