Still waiting for keys


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I am buying a house in ard sionnach and looking forward to moving in. I have, however, been in the process of "getting my keys" since January now but am assured by my solicitor that the whole transaction cannot proceed without a particular deed that has not been presented by the developers solicitors. A deed that applies to the entire development not just my property. He claims (and is adamant) that no transaction (on any property up there) is in "good deed" without it. When I point out that there are residents in estate already he says that their solicitors have (and I quote) "taken a chance that the deed will arrive". He is unwilling to do the same and it is too late to change solicitors now. Is there anyone waiting on the same thing, or in a similar situation with regards to Ard Sionnach? I assume if the estate is not filled already (having been complete for a while now) that the same hold up is affecting others and would love to get some verification that this is not a figment of my solicitors imagination.



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deed issues

Hi Carl,

I just got a house in phase two and have run into the very same problem: my solicitor says the contract is missing a 'deed of way' which is my right to have a road going to my house (as I understand it) and this apparently makes the house unsaleable, and means my mortgage providers can choose to withdraw their mortgage offer since this is essentially a bogus contract... Have you made any progress because my solicitor is completely stumped by this demonstration of yet more fabulousness on the part of our fabulous local administrators?!



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Hi Kaia,

We are in the process of getting one of the houses in Ard Sionnach - waiting for the official letter of offer and have been told we will be in within a few weeks once we receive this. From reading the thread here it seems to take longer and it appears there are more difficulties than time. Who are the developers? Can they be lobbied for this " right of way " deed?
Apparently our house is ready and they have the keys ready and waiting, they are waiting on us or so they say anyway!!!:confused:


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Hi Emma

The developers are "The Fleming Group" based in Bandon,their solicitors are PJ O'Driscolls also based in Bandon

Pat :)


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Right of way stuff

Hi Emma,

It seems to me that this mess only affects the phase two houses, so if your house is in phase one you should be all right. Please let me know how you get on with the developers, I'll do likewise if I ever hear back from anyone ever...



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Hi guys,

I'm waiting on my keys for a house in phase 2 like everyone here.
My solicitor was in the process of closing the sale 6 weeks ago when she noticed the fault in the deed.
I think everyone should contact the city council and have their solicitor get on to someone in the Law department in order to speed things up.