statoil station


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does anyone ever buy petrol at that statoil just across from us......please tell me now. Have you all seen the prices compared to the Shell garage down the road? or the discount fuels place just up the road heading towards the train station (Clonsilla one that is). Can be as much as 10 cents in the difference


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You'd want to be mad to buy petrol in this place - it's a complete rip-off. I go to the place on the Clonsilla road or sometimes the one in Mulhuddart.


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Garages like this complain how the likes of Tesco etc are putting them out of business, how they cant compete, blah, blah, blah. They ARE ripping people off. ive never gone to that Statoil and I never will go to a garage that charge way over the average for a litre of petrol. If my car was running on fumes, id rather run out and push it to another garage. If people stopped purchasing fuel from these garages they'd either have to bow to reducing their prices and put them in line with everyone elses or shut up shop. They get what they deserve. Unfortunately we have the 'typical irish syndrome' here were people complain about prices of petrol but would have no problem walking in and paying €1.30 a litre :confused: .. this really baffles me.

eg. I used to bank with one company, their service was **** so i moved. Simple.

Wake up people, smell the unleaded!