Speedramps 2


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If you could like to sign the petition for speed ramps in Roselawn please contact Kate at No.10
See next message to more detail


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Speed Bumps

If you would like to sign a petition for speed ramps along the road from the main Roselawn entrance, please contact Kate at No.10 Roselawn.

Coleman Bros have agreed to place proper speed ramps on this section of road if there are no objections.

Speed Ramps:
• enhance safety:- especially for children, elderly, disabled residents, and pets and anyone trying to reverse out from their drive;
• improve neighbourhood liveability;
• decreased noise pollution;
• prevention of crime;
• increase the value of property due to above.

Please drive slowly through all parts of the Estate and also keep in mind that children, in particular, may be playing or want to play in the Common Green area and can run onto the road. The parking bays are acutely dangerous driver vision is obscured by parked cars.


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Kate - I merged the 2 threads you started and made them a sticky so they will stay at the top.

It is a shame we have to resort to speed ramps to get people to slow down - even crazier is the way some people speed from ramp to ramp!!