solution to our problem (Belfry Hall)


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I am living in block d where we have the problem with the bin's been used by outside's as well as been set a light as was the case on Friday, I have also read on this Website , that people should not have fobs
Some how have them , as seems to be the case with a stolen car been left down in the underground car park.

Now as well as living in the belfry hall I work for a company called Easydentic who specialise
In access control systems which would replace the fob entry system which we have a present.
With a biometric finger print reader which would allow only those who are registered to have access
With the Management Company this could replace all the fob entry system that we have at the moment.

Also the great thing about this system is that when a resident leave the complex be it a tenant or a previous owner, there log can be removed from the system no longer giving them access to the building. Also every person who gains access to the building or car park will have logged both the time of entry and the person who entered straight on to the system leaving a paper trail for any problems that may have occurred. Meaning if cctv camera are installed and a certain incident happens in the underground car park a 9 on the camera all the management company have to do is bring up the entry log,
Now I taught I would put this up here first before ringing the management company just to see what you guys think.
Any question just ask and ill do my best to reply

Also the company do ip based security camera’s so if we decide to get them in every thing would be linked up together

The website for the company is


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I think there's a fine line between improved security and Big Brother Belfry. I'm sorry, I'm not been smart, but a log of my comings and goings to my own home is a bit freaky.


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yeah but this log will only be used in the case that somthing my happen for example if your appartment is broken in to , the log will be there for you to get checked to see who came in at that time its not like there giving this info to the goverment or anyone


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technology like this would cost a fortune and would require buy-in from all Belfry Hall apt memeber so I don't think this is the most ideal long term solution....great system though


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what would happen if u were away and wanted someone to look after your place hould it b a hassle for them to get in . great idea would be up for that


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I personally wouldnt like my comings and goings on record. (BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU). Anyway the management company do not have this system budgeted into the management fees so getting it installed would be at an extra cost to the residents.
From past expierence (the last apartment place i lived) certain residents do not pay their management fees and therefore the remaining residents will be left carrying the cost of the the new system.
Another point is the company i work for has also installed a biometric system to log customers in and out - it is a good idea but only when you want a record of who comes and goes on a regular basis.
I personally don't see the difference between this system and the fob system in place at present. They both have their pros and cons - so i don't see why changing over would be of any benefit to anyone.
Sorry - its just my view.