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Hi All,

As you know we had another social gathering last Sunday 9th September. Unfortunately there was a small turnout - Reliables from the Paddocks :)
It may have been a bad night with the Ireland match on, and it was a great day so I am delighted families had a gr8 day out etc. Was pretty tired myself after the family trip etc.

Back in March we had approx 60 people from the Paddocks alone, then each event the numbers either went up or down(even though all Castleredmond was welcome), in this case the numbers were low. I am using this Forum to find out ways to draw the crowd. Its in everyones interest. Is Sunday still the best night(tried Saturday but people have their own social lives thank god!!)? Is 8pm OK? It appears that unless we hand in flyers to the 300 houses, people don't seem to remember it. I appreciate busy lives and kids etc and maybe cost so just wondering how we can proceed?
Do you see the Sign on the pillar? There is a bit of work in organizing etc so I would love some feedback on how you would like to make it better/different?Remember many of your neighbours love getting together and meeting people and there are many positive responses via E-mail etc so it is something people really enjoy.

Hope you can shed some ideas to this area of the forum...

Roll on the community spirit....



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Hi Karl

I can understand how dissapointing it must have been with so few turning up.
Just a few suggestions maybe the venue is a bit old?Could we not go in to Midleton town somewhere a bit more lively?
And a lot of the houses near me are renters and might not have the best english could we not get some posters put up in Polish and Russian?
Maybe A4 size posters in each different sections of the estate.
just a few thoughts


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Thks Sus,

Good Idea - Could do with help coming close to the next event. There has been other great ideas 2 but cannot make them happen on my own.
Could you get your russian and polish neighbours to help you with the posters next time and tie in with me pre next event.

all the best,