Social / affordable mix

I purchased my house here under the affordable housing scheme and have recently found out that when the estate is complete, nearly 60% of the estate will be social houses with 82 of the units in phase 2 delegated to social! All the new duplexes and apartments recently opened have been delegated to tenants already!

I contacted the council to be told that I was made aware of this fact on purchase. A point I dispute. I knew there was social houses but not that many!!!! I would never have bought here if I had known these figures as we will never be able to sell EVER!

ANy one else have any thoughts on this isssue? Advice?

By the way, I am not being a snob towards the social housing!!


Moderator (Martello Towers)
Did you think your estate was only affordable housing initiative?

The private housing estates are full of houses being rented to the council where they are placing their tenants too.
The estate was to be a mixture of affordable housing, affordable housing initiative and 'some' social housing so I was told on purchase! 60% social housing does not sound like 'some' to me. How am I ever going to be able to sell the house should the need arise when people find that out! The estate in my opinion is a complete disaster.