smoke coming from chimney breast into the attic


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Just to give ye a heads up that I noticed a smell of smoke upstairs last night and when I had a good look around I found smoke escaping from a small hole in between the bricks on the chimney breast in the attic--its looks like the pointing is crap--probably done in a hurry with the idea that no-one would ever be looking at this anyway-it might be an idea for ye to get up there with a flash light and have a look yourselves.
As far as i can make out the lining will have to be redone and I am still unsure of the cost but does anyone have any idea what its like to claim from homebond or your house insurance to cover repairs like this?I have heard that it can be like getting blood from a stone.


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your better off going with your own house insurance.
Had a problem with a leak in the chimney and it ruined the front bedroom ceiling and wall as well as the carpet.
The cover we have for Preston Brook is not with homebond,its with an English company,the email address is
They are crap to deal with and you will have to pay the first €750 (i think)
Hope this helps