Smith Property Management Company

Hi Guys have a problem with this company bought my apartment in April and i paid the rest of the Management Fees to my solicitor who payed to the sellers solicitors and who in turn should have payed them but when i moved in i kept getting a bill for this so i rang solictor and she sorted it out....i also recieved a letter in the post about noise and loud music that someone complained about my apartment
i dont play music only tele so i rang them to complain again was not dealt with right....and should have recieved a apology letter anyway i wont be paying there fees next year not a chance they can go and Fcuk themselves any body any views on this and i think money is too high for what they do it is a bit of a garden and rubbish and electric gates and thats it really and views please


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Yeah i know what you mean ive been waiting 6 months to get the satellite dish taken down from our next door neighbours. Has anyone in kiltipper gate had their windows cleaned by smith? Whats the point in having rules if smith arent going to implement them? Where in kiltipper do you live?