SMART and Electricity Bills? - I am thinking about moving into Cathedral court


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I am thinking about moving into Cathedral court but I am worried a little because I read some of the posts on here. Are SMART telecom still the only provided of internet, phone and TV in the building?
Also are the bills still sorted out by the management? and who controls the heating within the apartments.

Any help on this would be great as we are on the verge of signing but this is a little off putting!



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any info on the cathedral court apartments in general even or the area itself? Really like the apartment and it's close to town but i am a little worried about the costs of the gas heating, electricity and SMART. Feel free to PM me also!


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You'll be glad to hear they've gotten rid of Smart Telecom and have fitted UPC throughout the building. We are in block 300. We now get fast broadband, a good television service and can control the bill. Before it was a mandatory €75 a month with Smart and the service was terrible! The cost of gas has gone down too because of new management but there is still a crazy 'maintenance charge' or 'standing charge' which works out at €1 a day on top of your gas bill. There have been improvements since we moved in nearly two years ago and the benefit of living here is that it's quiet, secure, close to town and finished to a highest standard. Overall, I think it's worth it.


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Hi Lads,
Were hoping to save 90% on our electricity by installing Smart LED Lighting for all our common areas here in Clarehall Village where all our Lights are on 24.7 maybe this will help you too?
Regards ClareHall Reident