Sky+ or Sky HD availability?


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According to the selling agents Sky will be available to all residents of Carrickmines Green through a communal satellite dish, does anybody have further details of this service?

The reason I ask is because I want Sky HD (or at least Sky+) in my apartment but am not sure if it will be available.

(It is available)

I was wondering if anyone has paid digigate for the use of the commual dish? I think that its maddness that we have to pay €20 a month for it, the means that laragans are going to make €11,000 p.a from one block of apartments for the use of the dish, thats some dish.


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didgate where are they?

since ive moved to carrickmines green ive had nothing but probs with digigate weather it be the signal or the price in which they are charging every mth to use their service.

But in the last two weeks we hav not be reseving any signal from are sky box in the sitting room or the digigate channels in the bed room. so i rang sky they sent men out and they said theres no signal ring digigate.. its been two weks now and i ring about 5 times a day everyday with no anwser or reply!!!!

has anyone eles has this prob?? it dosent seem fair that i sud still be paying sky n digiate for somthing i cant use!!!