Sky in Duplex

Lyon Down

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Hi all,

I've been with NTL since I moved in, but the be honest I've had enough of their shoddy TV service and I'm enraged that because we're on Chorus we pay the same as people living a mile down the road but get less channels than them.

Has anybody here in a Duplex got Sky, I ask this because it's all well and good getting a satellite dish on your own private house, but what's the situation in a shared property?



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We have a house but when we were talking to our solicitor (on builders suggestion) about getting Sky in, they checked our lease (from the management company that you sign when signing the purchase contracts) and said that it was allowable as long as it was on the back of a house, but that apartments etc weren't allowed.

There is a ground floor Duplex a few doors down from me that got it in the other day - don't know if they checked if it was allowed though.