Sky Communal Dish

Presume others got an email from ODPM about this?

"As Managing Agents for Adamstown Castle we write to advise owners that the communal Sky Dish has now been installed in Adamstown Castle. We wish to remind all residents of the following House Rules as extracted from Title for your development as follows:"

It then goes on about the house rules around erecting dishes outside your building, followed later by...

"Sky can be contacted on 0818 762 901 to arrange connection to the communal Satellite dish.
Landlords are kindly asked to ensure that their tenants are notified of the contents of this notice."

Apologies for this dumb question but..
Can one dish serve the whole of Adamstown? If there's only one dish, wouldnt cabling have to be run from any house that wants to connect?


New Member
Communal dish can serve a good few people.....without cables etc. Seen it working in another complex in the cuty centre. I live on the Avenue however & contacted sky in the hope to get connected but apparently the communal dish isn't serving residents on the Avenue which I find very strange since letter was issued from ODPM to residents on the Avenue.