Skrinkage / Setting cracks


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I appreciate with all new builds there will be some settling cracks however I'm a little disturbed by the number of and size of some in my property and wondering if anybody else seeing similar problems?
More over after being moved in for over 2 years still see signs of these getting larger and new ones appearing.

Here's a link to some photos of these cracks to give you an idea of what I'm seeing


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Hi Crono

Although i have shrinkage and cracks in nearly every room it dosent seem to be as bad as what you have, but two of my doors now dont close because they have shrunk so much the lock dosent catch anymore, i'd accept small cracks in wood but not plaster/walls, i would say a lot more houses/appts have the same


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Hi we have the same aswell not as bad as that though, have you called around Durkan to have a look at it, I know new builds have these but I hope ours dont get that bad.

If you do get Durkan around, keep us update

Good luck


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Cracks are inevitable - we know that, but the extent is pretty bad. Also most of my doors and frames have shrunk considerably. On two the latches don't even touch the strikong plate and one is so bad that you can see into the room!

Personally I think this is down to poor workmanship for the cracks and poor quality timber used. I think some research into the codes of practice is required.