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Hi everybody,
i'm seriously considering buying in the area (seagrave drive) and i was wonderin if you could give me some answers about the situation as of today.

are the antisocial behaviors referred to earlier still going on

Is the development quiet at nighttime , any gangs hangin round ?
i have read of some problems with noise from other floors, is this the case everywhere and is it really that bad?

Any other info like tv, broadband providers will be much appreciated.
Finally are you still happy to be living there?

Thanks for your time


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whoa! is it really that bad that no one even want to reply to this? :(
Naa, its grand, its just that not many people from City Gate use

Its very quiet around here, day and night. I'm told that the problem with the management company is almost sorted.


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Hello bremorewouldbe

Just saw your post and if you've not already bought I thought I send you a pm to let you know that I'm putting my 2 bed in Citygate up for sale.

I've sent you a pm with more details.

Regarding the situation in citygate - I've been here for 3 years and have never experienced any antisocial behaviour, nor have i seen any gangs - most of the kids here are toddlers. Regarding noise the only issues I've heard of were raised at a residents meeting but related to an apartment where there were way to many tenants living in a rented property above an owner. I have experienced no sound issues and have owner occupiers above and below me.

If you need any more information just send me a pm.

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