Sign at the traffic circle flattened


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I look at it every time I come or go to the bus, but I've never really thought about what happened. I didnt see any glass ect. so I assume it wasn't a vehicular accident.


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No, there were long skid marks leading up to the sign.
Not deliberate.

*gives fran133 a glass of cheer-up*
am cheered up, its friday, its sunny, the world is great

.............. just because there are skid marks dont mean its not deliberate !!!
but I do take your point, was probably a combination of some dummy crossing the road and some bigger dummy going too fast down the road, either way its probably an older car at this stage (no antilock brakes) driven by someone who doesnt really care.
Once no one (outside the car that did it) was hurt, thats the main thing.