Shower is HOT!


New Member
Hi guys, just moved in this weekend and loving the place and the views!

Usually, I wouldn't be complaining about hot showers but unfortunately my shower doesn't seem to have any regulation as regards the temperature. It looks to me there is one faucet for turning the water on, but nothing to turn or twist to change the temperature of the water.

This leads to either scalding hot water (if I have heated the water) or freezing cold.

I checked all over and Ill be getting on to the management company later today but it seems like I have the following switches and timers:

1. An electric timer in the kitchen for Hot Water and Central Heating - if I set this for hot water - BANG, hot water

2. A big "WATER HEATING" switch near my immersion tank - if i turn this on, nothing happens

3. A dial on the immersion tank set to between 70 - 80 C - Ive not played with this but if i turn it down I'm going to be washing dishes with luke warm water

Any help or advice here guys would be appreciated!