Sheldon Park Apartments


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If someone wants to move to live to sheldon park apartments - this information will be interesting for you. In the add is false information, They promiss "cable television" and "internet", pets allowed. But really no television at all (Even SKY from apartment 13-17)(only 6 soarview channels), NO NTL coverage (Only covered hotel, but not in apartments). The general manager didn't want to contact with us to solve that problem...... Like it was not a her problem in a false information at all...
And too nosy from the gym which is located downstairs. You can go to a toilet and listen to the music from dowstairs. Floor will be shaking because of loud bass music.
Now is the best part of our living. after 6 months of our tenency we cant' afford to live there and we have to move out. but last month we live for our deposit, because we don't have money even to pay for a rent (deposit is in the case if will be situation like this), The general manager said to move out the 29th of this month, but room there we want to move wil be ready only 1st of next month. I went to general manager asking if we can stay 2 days more (we will pay, but 29th and 30 of september is paid by our deposit and we will pay for the 1st of october) because I'm 37 weeks pregnant and don't have where to stay these 2 days. I will be a homeless these 3 days................... how do you think if woman did understand woman - NOOOOOOO...... She said is not a her problem.....
Are you still want to rent these apartments?