Sharing baby-sitter


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We have a 2½-year-old son who is minded by a baby sitter together with another 1-year old baby girl of our friends. This arrangement had been going fine since the last 1 year. We both are working parents.

Unfortunately, at the end of this month (January’2010), our friends are moving to London. Hence, there is a vacancy for another baby to fill up this place, who can be dropped at our house in Creston Avenue, St. Margaret’s Road, Dublin-11.

This arrangement suited both our friends and us, as the kids were in good care of a very good baby sitter in the comfort of our home with proper schedule (including reading books, music time, play time etc.), as compared to any crèche facility. Moreover, the cost of this arrangement came much cheaper as compared to sending the kids to the crèche. We found it working quite well for the kids, the parents and the baby-sitter, a win-win situation! Hence we would like to continue this arrangement.

We would appreciate if we could have this arrangement with another couple with a kid, living nearby. We understand there is more to discuss so if you are interested we would be happy to discuss.