Shared Satellite Dish


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I believe we all have recently received a letter from Sky saying that they have been wotking closely with Fisher Property in relation to the installation of a shared dish.

I rang Sky two days ago looking for some more info on this. I asked if they would be willing to provide us with satellite signal not just from their own satellite, but from other various satellites as well such as Hot Bird, EutelSat, Astra, Intelsat etc.. They said that all they are going to do is to arrange for Sky channels and no more than that.

Following that I contacted Fisher Management and said that many people that erected their dishes are not for Sky but mainly for channels from other countries Poland, Czech Republic, Russia etc, and that having such a shared dish will not solve the problem. Technically, this could be done very easily if they are already going to erect a dish on top of a building, few LNBs or at worst scenario two dishes on the top.

Fisher replied that at the AGM residents requested such a deal (Sky deal). Is there anyone that is aware of this? I haven't been at the last AGM myself.

What are your views on doing it properly so this dish could cater for everyone's needs rather than just Sky users?