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Timing is everything....

For the first time in 2 years, there was a serious security problem last weekend. 12 cars were broken into in the car park. Fortunately, the security guard caught the person in the act and he was arrested. The Gardaí seem to be making a right mess of it so far, but George is on the case at the moment.
Mary Upton TD is also investigating - she's managed to get the Inspector at Kevin Street Garda station to take a personal interest in the case.
George was expecting to have an update later today when the arresting officer comes back on duty - apparently no one else in the entire Garda station knows anything about the case. Great management, isn't it! ;)

Other than this case, though, there aren't any regular security problems. There's a security guard on duty all night, and George is there all day, so the place is well looked after.


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So, today a guy broke into one of the apartments on the ground floor and with own door. Is it something usual for this area?